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Call Our Lawn Care Specialists

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Serving the North Grenville Lawn Care area for over 25 years.

Now Offering Ant, Grub and Tick Control

Mosquito Control

Besides the annoyance of these piercing little insects, did you know they may also transmit diseases to humans such as the west Nile virus, Encephalitis and Zika Virus. They may also transmit heart worm to your pet, which could be potentially fatal. Take back your yard by calling Lawn Enforcers today!

Lawn Care Services

Fertilizing, Fiesta weed control, aeration, dethatching, over-seeding, top dressing, and lime and sulfur treatment in the Kemptville, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Greely and surrounding areas. Contact us to make an appointment for one of our Lawn Care Programs, or to receive an analysis on your lawn.

Spider Control

Some spiders prefer to stay outdoors, weaving their webs in your barn, garden or near your outside lighting. They can become a nuisance primarily because of their webbing. Spider droppings stain the siding of your home which can be costly to replace. Call now for a free estimate on spider control for your home.

Get that full and lush lawn that everyone loves

Lawn Enforcers’ lawn care will give you that green lush lawn that you always wanted.

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Lawn Care Programs

Lawn Enforcers focuses on proper nutrients, care and promoting plant health. We practice Integrated Pest Management and employ the most up to date Weed Management techniques that guarantee you visibly fewer weeds year after year!

Contact us for a quote or more details on one of our Super-lawn, Executive, Royal or Golden programs.

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Providing quality lawn care services and helping you tackle any problems and questions you may have with your lawn. As a privately owned smaller business; we make sure we can do the job properly by not sacrificing product or the time needed to service your lawn.

Our goal is to bring your lawn up to the standards that leave you satisfied and have it looking like one of the best on your street.


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