Lawn Enforcers is now offering cedar hedge pruning services

Cedar hedges and bushes are excellent privacy screens, as they have very dense foliage. But this is also one of their great drawbacks. The dense outer leaves cut off light, so the inside is devoid of leaves. This limits the amount of trimming that can be done. Cedars can grow about 3-6 inches a year in width. Regular trimming and shaping is needed to control this annual growth, and to keep the width of the hedge the same, but taking off more than about 8 inches will expose the inside of the hedge. Once a hole has been made into the hollow interior, it rarely ever fills in again. For this reason Lawn Enforcers Cedar Hedge Pruning Service recommends that a cedar hedge is trimmed at least every two years, and every year if the hedge is close to a pool or house and space is an issue. Lawn Enforcers recommends the best time to trim hedges is through July to August.

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