As the spring of 2014 approaches or is already upon us (depending on when you are reading this) it is time to start thinking about what you want done to your lawn for this year. First off when the snow has all melted and you can get a better view of your lawn, you may want to give it a quick assessment. Are there any bare or thinned out areas in the lawn? was there any insect damage you noticed that started last fall eg. Grubs that may still be there and has it gotten any worse? how compacted is your soil? some of these questions may not be answered until the soil temps begin to rise and your grass starts to green up a little. In parts of eastern Ontario grubs still continue to be an ongoing problem. Nematode applications should be high on your list for late August or September. Here are a few important services that we can provide to help your lawn maintain it’s health and vigour for the year. Call us any time for your free estimate and lawn assessment. Also ask us about our new seed and feed service that will help thicken your turf this spring.

spring lawn care

Repair Work Р Has your lawn been damaged by any insects, disease or the snow and ice from the winter? spring lawn care Applying Soil & Seed

  • after a spring clean up applying soil and seed may be the first thing you want to do when soil temperatures begin to rise.
  • a good seed starter is also recommended after seeding is done.
  • remember to water your seed on a regular basis to ensure good germination.

Fertilization once you have managed to fix you damaged areas. Start a good fertilizing program as soon as possible. weed control In May when weeds begin to prevail. Applying a weed control product may be necessary to help combat many weeds in your lawn. Remember that for best results with a herbicide applying the product in cooler temperatures help to ensure better results. Spring Aeration If your lawn has a significant compaction problem. Aerating your lawn may be a good idea. Aerating your lawn spring or fall is a good yearly  practice to get into the habit of doing anyway.