Weed Control in Kemptville area

FiESTA® is a natural alternative to traditional chemical pesticides. It is designed to target large leaf plants and is guaranteed to control1 or suppress the following:

  • weeds black medic
  • bull thistle
  • Canadian thistle
  • common chickweed
  • creeping buttercup
  • dandelion
  • doves-foot geranium
  • English daisy
  • false dandelion
  • lawn burweed
  • narrow-leaved plantain
  • slender speedwell
  • white clover

It was approved for use by the PMRA and the Ontario Ministry of Environment in may 2010. Fiesta only uses one active ingredient, iron. The iron, FeHEDTA, in Fiesta has been chelated (chemically bonded to a carrier molecule) which allows it to dissolve into water and efficiently attack broad leaf weeds at a molecular level. The weeds receive an over dose from the iron and their tissues begin to oxidize and die.

Fiesta is safe for humans and animals; however, we recommend that you do not go on your lawn until it dries, as it will leave stains in clothing and other light coloured materials when wet. Depending on temperature, Fiesta generally takes about 3 hours to dry completely.